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If We Were Kings

Episode Poll Results


Mac the Monarch- 3-2-1

Czar Rosenthal- 2-3-1

Episode 11 "Foreign Meddling IYK?"

Foreign Meddling- Episode 11

In this episode the Kings take on a topical issue: Interfering in the politics of foreign countries! In Free-Balling we discuss the arguments for and against the production and release of 3-D Printer guns. You know light topics.

Which Ruler is Correct?

If We Were Kings...

Who Are We?

If you like listening to two old guys debate the issues of the day in a fictitious monarchy, then do we have the show for you! We have developed a podcast about what Czar Rosenthal and Mac the Monarch would do if given the power to unilaterally rule as kings.

Kevin Mc Elwee (@MactheMonarch)

A leader among educators. But a better fictitious monarch!

Jason Rosenthal (@CzarRosenthal)

Inspirational teacher by day, benevolent dictator by night.

Leave us a voicemail @ 310-735-0937. Let us know what you think or if you have any "Humbling Mistakes" you would like to make us aware of.  If you leave a voicemail it might make it onto the podcast!

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